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Aveshka’s Innovation team is comprised of full-stack software engineers, DevOps engineers, UX/UI developers, product owners, and data scientists. We are technology and cloud agnostic, drawing on years of experience across languages, packages, and different clouds. Our team specializes in applied AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics, which we deploy across our apps that sit atop Aveshka’s CANDOR™ platform.

Our Innovation team is small by design. We attack problem sets in four to seven-person teams, where the appropriate resource is brought in to solve their part of the equation at the right time. The result? Our customers keep costs low while receiving high quality delivery quickly.

Our team remains engaged with each member and their technical tasks so that common knowledge base continuously grows. The result? We are building some of the best talent in the industry — for example, our front-end engineers can write TensorFlow (machine learning) models.

Our Innovation team members joined Aveshka for one common purpose: to solve really hard problems using the newest, coolest technology. These highly sought-after engineers could work anywhere but choose to be at Aveshka because they know that the environment and the mission is what gets them motivated every day. We love hard problems.

Who We Support

The Innovation team is the only division in Aveshka that supports all areas. This is intentional. Our mission is to solve the data-driven, cutting-edge-technology problem sets quickly. We are brought in not for five-year contracts, but for quick engagements to quickly build solutions for clients ranging from financial regulatory agencies and NATO to commercial clients. If the customer has a difficult problem that needs a technology solution engineered, we are your team.


  • Department of Homeland Security

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

  • National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)

  • NATO

  • Multiple private sector clients


Developed in-house at Aveshka, the CANDOR™ platform is a high-performance big data analytics platform. The CANDOR™ platform serves as the backbone of many of our applications. These applications range from applied AI and Machine Learning driven applications to Data Analytics and security engineering.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is applied to all of our applications. For example, Automated Text Summarization was built for users to paste text of any length and be presented an automated summary of the text based on Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis.

Data Analytics

The second leg to the team is our data engineering work. “Data is the new oil and Candor is our engine.” Our team brings a decade of big data development and analytics to bear through the technologies we use. For example, this allows us to stream in Covid-19 data into a massive relational database to render into a simple-to-understand dashboard to help our clients re-open safely.

Machine Learning

Most of our applications include some part of Machine Learning. For example, this could be things like Machine Vision to provide automated redaction for sections of images or ML-driven supply chain risk modeling for our clients.

Partnerships and Technologies

Commercial Partnerships

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Technology Partnerships

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Learn how Aveshka takes on the challenge of  US and cyber supply chain risk management vulnerabilities.

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