It pays to know good talent.

Receive a $5,000 incentive!

External Referral Program

You can receive an incentive of $5,000 for referring qualified employee candidates!

The Aveshka External Referral Program has been designed to encourage referrals by both Aveshka employees and non-employees. Here at Aveshka, we’re looking to attract the highest quality employee candidates to support our programs and get them hired as soon as possible. This is an on-going program, but Aveshka may change the program at any time.

We are currently offering the incentive for hiring for the following positions:

  • Software Developer, Jr. (Clearable US Citizen)
  • Software Developer, Mid. (Clearable US Citizen)
  • Software Developer, Sr. (Clearable US Citizen)
  • Mobile Applications Developer (TS)
  • DevOps Engineer (Clearable US Citizen)

Who can make a referral?

Both Aveshka employees or non-employees may refer candidates for hire at Aveshka. If a candidate is referred through this program more than once, the first individual who made the referral will receive the incentive.

This program is not open to staffing firms. Any resume submitted by a staffing firm will not qualify for a referral bonus or any other form of compensation.

Candidate eligibility: 

Anyone is eligible to be referred through the program, however, candidates cannot be a current or previous Aveshka employee; nor can they have applied directly for employment with Aveshka within the last 6 months.

A successful candidate must interview for and accept an offer of full-time, regular employment with Aveshka. In addition, they must begin their employment with Aveshka within 3 months of being referred.

How to submit a referral: 

  • Send your full name and email, your candidate’s full name and email, and your candidate’s resume to We will use your e-mail to contact you regarding your referral.
  • We will notify you when your referral applies online and Aveshka determines the referral meets the eligibility requirements.

How you receive the referral bonus: 

All referral bonus payments will be reported for tax purposes. Each individual will be required to complete all applicable tax forms before receiving the incentive.

  • Aveshka employees will receive the referral via direct deposit
  • All non-Aveshka recipients of incentive awards will receive a 1099 form for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Referrals are the best source of Aveshka Talent!