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Aveshka advances accessibility in the Federal Government

July 26, 2021

Advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in the federal workforce is at the heart of President Biden’s recent Executive Order (EO); and specifically recognizing the disability community, and ensuring equity and inclusion.

Today, we celebrate National Disability Independence Day, which commemorates the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on 26 July 1990. The ADA prohibits discrimination based on disability. It also requires employers to ensure equal opportunity for all to properly engage within functions of the workplace.

With 26% of the US population having a disability, Aveshka recognizes the importance of ensuring those with disabilities have equal access to computer and information technology that allows them to seek and use data and effectively perform their jobs as well as access to citizen services from the Federal Government. We are proud to have established an Accessibility Practice that ensures Section 508 standards compliance and methodically reduces risk for organizations.

In just one year, Aveshka has made significant improvements to HHS’ Accessibility Program and supporting their Section 508 compliance posture. Some highlights of our work this year include:

  • Process efficiencies:
    • Developed and implemented new processes that have improved the Accessibility Program’s operational efficiency. We reduced the backlog by 90%, while taking on new actions and requirements.
    • Developed a systematic approach for assessing and managing risk to the Department, while identifying mitigation and improvement plans.
    • Designed and developed tools to improve operational planning and execution. This provides end customer with a more accurate assessment of their work product, properly manages customer expectations, and has increased customer satisfaction.
    • Realigned operations to prioritize actions by risk impact.
  • Empowering the HHS customer and fostering thought leadership:
    • Accessibility Solution Center approach to enable better customer engagement; enhance and improve technical guidance and coaching sessions; and proactively address challenges.
    • Embedded team solution with program development teams to speed deployment of defect-free code; reduces release delays, rework, and waste; and creates continuous feedback loop for developers and tester to streamline 508 components.
    • Build out of a Center of Excellence (COE) that places Accessibility at the onset of the program/product design and development processes, enabling a shared service model.

Aveshka’s Accessibility Program team enables organizations to go beyond compliance and place accessibility at the front of IT planning and execution. Learn more about what it means to be 508 compliant. Contact us for more information on our Accessibility as a Practice services.