Aveshka Diversity Day Logo 2021

World Diversity Day 2021

May 21, 2021

In 2002, the United Nations General Assembly declared May 21 as the “World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.” This day is also known as “Cultural Diversity Day” and was intended to recognize “the need to enhance the potential of culture as a means of achieving prosperity, sustainable development, and global peaceful coexistence.”

Aveshka takes pride in the fact that it has always fostered an environment for employees to feel included and valued. We commit to continuing that and ask that everyone takes a moment today to reflect on how they can be more inclusive, collaborative, and supportive of the diversity of both ideas and individuals.

We promote internal, external, and organizational diversity every day, but even more so on this day that recognizes the importance of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). To mark the occasion, Aveshka has changed its company logo on its website for one day, using letterforms from the “Diversity Type Project” created by distillery.

Aveshka Diversity Day Logo

As part of the Diversity Type Project, distillery’s creation of the Diversity font was an opportunity to build awareness and encourage D&I dialogue. distillery seeks to unify communities and cultures and celebrates the differences in people’s lived experiences. This font is a compilation of letterforms contributed by over 300 creatives from 54 countries worldwide, making it the world’s most diverse typeface.

Aveshka’s name is derived from a Hindi word, “Avishkar,” which means innovation and discovery. These are the foundational tenets we use to develop solutions that prepare and advance our people to perform at the next level. The diversity of our employees enables us to do just that.

Our diversity is our strength, and we genuinely believe, the key to our success.  Aveshka’s workforce is highly diverse with 53% of our team being in a minority classification and 49% identifying as female.

Aveshka has a deep respect for every aspect of diversity. While our personnel come from different backgrounds, cultures, gender groups, social status, affiliations, etc., we are ultimately connected by our mutual passion for continually raising the bar and bringing the best outcomes to those we serve. Who we serve is not just limited to our customers and clients – but ultimately, each other. We constantly strive to advance ourselves, our peers, and our partners to the next level.

Aveshka’s team is unmatched. Join us and see the impact we make when taking our diverse experiences, knowledge, and expertise to improve our company, community, and country. Learn more about our team.