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Women at Aveshka

April 8, 2021

During the month of March, Aveshka celebrated Women’s History Month by highlighting some of the women at Aveshka who work tirelessly to make a positive impact on our nation, making it a stronger, safer, and better place.

Sushma Savarala, Senior Regulatory and Quality Affairs Scientist

Sushma has been helping our customers Accelerate the Advantage since August of 2020. As a Senior Regulatory and Quality Affairs Scientist, she is instrumental in the development of innovative technologies aimed toward public health preparedness and national emergency response to natural, accidental, and anthropogenic disasters.

Working in collaboration with her customers, Sushma provides the regulatory, chemistry and science expertise her customers need to carry federal response efforts related to COVID-19.

Sushma’s work continues to positively impact our communities, making our nation a stronger, safer, and better place. She is proud to be one of the Women at Aveshka making a difference. When asked what she would tell young women, or even a younger version of herself, looking to work in this field, her advice is nothing but inspiring:

“Don’t underestimate your capabilities. Others will regard you the same way you regard yourself. Value yourself highly, and others will follow. Be more confident in your abilities and ask for more and don’t be afraid to fail, or to try again.”

Donna Thompson, Executive Assistant

Donna has been supporting Aveshka and our customers an Executive Assistant since 2018. Her main responsibilities include scheduling for our customers and assisting the PDAs and Chief Medical Officer.

Donna’s love for the medical field and professionals has always been her passion – she started the “candy stripers” in her hometown hospital, worked in medical records and surgeon’s offices, and since moving to Washington, DC, has served several government agencies.

Her passion for the medical field and our country is also evidenced in her words when asked what she loves most about working at Aveshka:

“Aveshka is one of the best companies I have ever worked for as a contractor, they treat people with respect and provide the best benefits. I am so very proud of the whole mission that our customers are dedicated to. The mind set and the dedication no matter what party, they are all dedicated to saving American lives and work so very hard for this country.”

Donna’s contributions are critical to our company and our customers, and continues to positively impact our communities, making our nation a stronger, safer, and better place.

An interesting fact about Donna: She was a docent at Mt. Vernon George Washington’s Estate supporting Mrs. Washington for 15 years.

Gurpreet Mutani, ICAM App Integrations Lead

Gurpreet has been supporting Aveshka as the ICAM App Integrations Lead since 2019. Her main area of focus is to assist Aveshka customers with onboarding and testing of new or existing applications into their SAML-SSO environment. Gurpreet’s passion for technology has taken her in several directions within the IT field, providing opportunities to expand upon her skillsets and grow in her career.

She tells us it is the supportive leadership, flexibility, and diverse culture Aveshka offers that allows her to capitalize on her unique skillsets and help our customers #AccelerateTheAdvantage.

During her free time, Gurpreet enjoys painting, exploring new cuisines and wineries, and spending time with family.

As a professional early-on in her career, Gurpreet offers fellow women of the younger generation the same advice as she gives herself:

“Be willing to always grow and explore… seek mentorship and guidance along the way, and ALWAYS continue to learn new skills!”

Laura Taylor, Sr. HR Business Partner

Another one of our amazing “Women at Aveshka” is Laura Taylor. Laura has been supporting Aveshka since 2017. Her main role is managing new hire onboarding, running administrative rewards programs, and performance management for Aveshka employees. She was recently promoted to Sr. HR Business Partner and is currently working to expand on her skills into employee relations and investigations. It was early in her career that she knew she wanted to be in a position that allowed her to make the workplace a positive environment, rather than somewhere a person spends the day counting down to 5pm.

In her free time, you can find her reading the next New York Times best-seller or listening to a crime podcast. She also enjoys cooking, going on hikes, and searching for great new restaurants and breweries.

It goes without saying Laura finds purpose helping others succeed, and provides encouraging advice to younger women in her field:

“Young women need to recognize that their personality and natural talents may be just as important, if not more important than their formal training or education. I’m a detail-oriented person who finds purpose helping others to succeed. It took me a long time to realize that I could leverage my innate interpersonal skills along with my training as an analytical writer into a fulfilling career.” HR relies on your ability to maintain composure while juggling a multitude of tasks and always having the energy in reserve to respond empathetically to a coworker in need. Whatever your goal, your personal drive should guide your professional path.

Sandra Wiggins, Sr. Analytical Consultant

Sandi recently celebrated 4 years of supporting Aveshka’s customers as a Sr. Analytical Consultant. Her main role is to provide the training and technical assistance to the Medical Reserve Corps Coordinators who are responsible for responding to disasters in the Region VI communities (Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico).

Sandi’s interest in the public health industry began at her local health department where she worked as a Public Health Preparedness & Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator for about nine years. She developed an MRC program from the ground up and responded to multiple hurricanes, local public health emergencies such as H1N1, West Nile virus, Ebola & countless others.

It is evident that Sandi’s work is essential to the safety of our nation, and she truly appreciates the framework Aveshka provides that allows her to do the important work she does.

The advice she would give to young women, or even a younger version of herself, is something we can all incorporate into our lives… no matter what profession you are in:

“I think that we all need to be kinder to ourselves and guard our negative self-talk. I realize now that I spent a good chunk of my career striving for perfection and being hyper-critical of myself and that is contagious. Celebrate your accomplishments BIG and small and find a way to celebrate others that work with you too!” 

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