COVID19 Status Aveshka Town Hall

Aveshka Virtual Town Hall Video – Public Health Experts Provide COVID-19 Status

January 22, 2021

Aveshka public health experts provide COVID-19 status and guidance to Aveshka employees at the 13 January 2021 Town Hall

Since COVID-19 first appeared in the United States, Aveshka’s Public Health experts have provided comprehensive advisory services on health and operational matters related to the pandemic. Therefore, we employ authoritative scientific and medical experts to support numerous customers to include the federal agencies  at the forefront of the pandemic. Due to its tremendous benefit to Aveshka personnel, our experts have served as the equivalent of a “family doctor.” They have provided support and guidance to our own workforce via a series of virtual Town Halls.

Because of the invaluable guidance and information provided at our workforce Town Halls, Aveshka wants to publicly share this information. Information sharing is in concert with our “All-Hazards” philosophy. We feel it is important to pass along this content and share this discussion as it reinforces critical safety measures and precautions. In addition, it provides an accurate status of the COVID-19 situation especially as it continues to escalate in our country.

The Town Hall features the following Aveshka subject matter experts:

  • Dr. Til JollyChief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Emily Lankau – Epidemiologist
  • Dr. Michael AndersonPediatric Science Consultant
  • Dr. Deidra Parrish – COVID-19 Consultant

Learn more about Aveshka’s COVID-19 Response Support Services.

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