Blog Series Featuring Kimberly Purlia Aveska Vice President of Growth

Section 508 “101” – Are You Compliant?

October 15, 2020

Simply put, Section 508 ensures those with disabilities have equal access to computer and information technology that allows them to seek and use data and perform their jobs within a federal agency. This is especially true for the general public to access the data and services the government provides.

Section 508 is not a new concept in the world of government technology. Federal organizations have been required to meet this requirement for more than 20 years. It is the changes that have resulted from the ever-evolving technology landscape and the merger of 508 and 255 (a.k.a. “508 Refresh”) that may require organizations to rethink their approach to meeting compliance and governance.

We’ve asked Aveshka’s Vice President of Growth, Kimberly Purlia, to provide insight into what exactly Section 508 is, how the mandate has evolved over the years, and Aveshka’s approach to addressing 508 compliance and perspective on the future of the mandate.

Download the full whitepaper for a deeper look into Section 508 – you may find yourself asking… “are we really compliant?”

By Kimberly Purlia, Aveshka Vice President of Growth