Connecting the Dots to Success

October 9, 2019

The government technology landscape is evolving at a breakneck pace. There are various reasons for this: Agencies, with more interest and ability to interface with industry, are more aware of cutting-edge technologies and marketplace options. Government leaders are understanding better how technologies can help achieve or even transform their missions. The push to implement new solutions and solve changing problems in new ways is driving profound changes to how the government executes acquisition.

Increased focus on mission isn’t limited to technology. Across today’s workforce, there’s a sea change in what motivates employees. In government and government contracting, alignment with the mission and tangible impact on outcomes are major incentives.

The confluence of these factors is a boon for Aveshka, a company focused on readiness and agile services, delivering an evolving combination of technologies and expertise that make our nation safer.

Emergency management and preparedness are proven areas of excellence for Aveshka—and ensuring the U.S. is ready for any emergency will always be a core tenet. But we’re also growing: We’re ensuring we have the top talent and we’re meeting internal needs, and we’re building out our capabilities to advance our customers’ goals and objectives.

As a whole, we’re expanding our mission.

A big part of that is in our technologies, including our current offerings as well as our plans for the future. It’s an exciting time to be in the technology industry and we’re capitalizing on the abundance of opportunities. Looking ahead, what investments will put us on the crest of the next technological wave? Today that wave comprises capabilities such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data, and cloud migration. But behind the façade of shiny objects, what are the tools of tomorrow—the real technological game-changers that will resonate in an increasingly complex mission environment?

We think the answer lies in our work addressing some of the nation’s toughest challenges. Our in-house expertise and skillsets deliver everything from modeling and simulation to emergency response to logistics, and our people on the ground provide unparalleled, granular insight into day-to-day needs. Our consultants undoubtedly hold the key to where we’re headed next—they’re working shoulder-to-shoulder with government personnel, so they understand what agencies are doing and what they need to be more effective with fewer resources.

Success is predicated on truly understanding the organization—how things are done and why they’re done that way—and molding technology to their operations, instead of building operations around technology. It’s also about leveraging today’s best technologies while also focusing on the most impactful capabilities of tomorrow.

Where are we headed next? We know investing in people, skill sets and technologies is essential—and we also know success is built on willingness to take strategic risks. As we continue to develop, grow and scale our foundational capabilities, we’re looking at the gaps we can help close and the problems we can help solve. We’re connecting the dots between current and emerging issues, and the tremendous aptitude we bring to our partnerships.

Tomorrow’s challenges won’t be solved with today’s toolkits. As technologies and challenges alike continue to rapidly evolve, so are we. We’re ready to push boundaries and to expand our foundation and our market reach—and more than anything, we’re ready deliver impact today and in the future.