Find Yourself on the Front Lines

July 10, 2019

From Aveshka’s early days, we’ve always had our hands in field operations. Whether it’s our analysts deployed down range, our systems engineers modernizing passenger and border safety, or our task leads coordinating public health operations—we’re at the tip of the spear. And we take seriously the mission to keep the nation safe and ready.

It’s one thing for homeland security to be a priority in executive talking points. But it’s something different when the people comprising your organization individually believe in both the mission at hand and the opportunities that wait around the corner, on the next project, assignment or contract. It’s different when you’re part of something bigger than yourself, collaborating to achieve a goal, leaving your fingerprint on something as momentous as policies for disaster response.

We see it as a differentiator. We’re not a contracting shop where employees are just numbers or merely butts in seats. We are a platform for talented, driven people who want to wear different hats, embark on a dynamic career trajectory and go above and beyond the status quo.

These are characteristics that we value in our current workforce and seek in our future team members—and that we reward handsomely. As a company launched and run by experienced entrepreneurs, we believe in providing a wide berth of opportunity to our people.

After all, who’s on the ground coordinating federal, state and local resources when a massive hurricane is bearing down? Who’s standing up ad-hoc, multi-jurisdictional communications and operations centers? Who is advising on innovation in emergency management, or on policies for coordinated law enforcement response, or on strategies supporting rapid AI research, development and procurement?

The answer to all of the above is the people of Aveshka. With a portfolio that spans government agencies and missions, we have something for everyone—and more importantly, we have a wealth of opportunities to apply analytical and technical talent. We know that a true technologist understands how to integrate a range of technologies to solve complex problems.

A major element of the Aveshka brand is our talent, and talent is proven time and again in the professional services that we provide. The exceptional abilities, resources and characteristics of our people do more than make us stand out—they make us ready. And in turn, we help make our nation ready. This is why we are the readiness company.

If you’re ready for the challenge and opportunity of your career, come see what we have for you.