Meet Aveshka, the Readiness Company

June 13, 2019

Are you ready?

The question is an Aveshka motto; our answer lies in our informed vigilance. You can’t operate without a plan, but a plan doesn’t guarantee that you’re ready. That’s where we come in.

In a crowded government contracting market, how does one small business stand out amid robust competition between established players? For us, it’s all hands-on deck, succeeding in the mission—consistently, proactively and unwaveringly.

The emerging technologies national security demands routinely disrupt standard operating procedures, but that’s our inherent value: We transform rapidly alongside shifting national priorities and advancing global adversaries, and we remain vigilant in delivering impact.

Aveshka is less than a decade old, and while we remain rooted in our foundational cybersecurity and advanced analytics solutions, we’re expanding to meet evolving national security needs. We’re developing our capabilities in cloud, AI and machine learning; we’re providing technical services as well as value-added consulting.

What’s “value-added” service?

Our services aren’t just another commodity or task-order fulfillment. We’re about thought leadership, expertise, commitment to the mission—and the experience necessary to tie it all together, delivering agility and innovation when and where it matters most.

Of course, this excellence isn’t static. Unwavering commitment often means navigating the curveballs that are inevitable in today’s hyper-competitive, high-tech world. Sustaining our edge means staying vigilant, expecting the unexpected, and understanding there’s no such thing as a sure thing.

We’ve seen in our work how everything can instantly change. We’re on the ground in disaster response; we’re working to prevent outbreaks of infectious disease; we’re effecting defense and response in cyberspace and in securing the borders. We’re delivering solutions and support that were inconceivable just a few years ago—think AI, machine-speed analytics, and actionable intelligence from huge pools of data, produced in real time, across domains.

Our impact is tangible, but more importantly, it prepares us for whatever comes our way—it keeps us ready.

Readiness is our bottom line.

It’s what we focus on intensely, from building and investing in our team, to deeply understanding our clients’ unique requirements, to providing solutions and services that make a difference. In a world that’s become borderless and defined by constant change, we’re not just standing by. We’re empowering the mission and amplifying success, no matter the terrain. We’re ready—are you?